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      About us

      Development History

      • 1998
        Nanjing Maida Chemical Industry, founded in 1998, started with fine chemicals
      • 2003
        Be the first to achieve the only national permit in food-grade BHT
      • 2005
        Expand to be the largest enterprise in China’s food-grade BHT additives production industry
      • 2010
        Jiangsu Maida New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010
      • 2013
        An annual output of 10,000MT food-grade BHT device was put into operation in October, 2013
      • 2014
        Acquire national foodgrade & feed-grade BHT products production license in 2014
      • 2014
        Acquire identification of state-level high-tech enterprise and Jiangsu provincial level hightech product in 2014
      • 2015
        Nanjing R&D Center was set up in 2015
      • 2016
        Acquire national key new product identification in 2016
      • 2017
        Acquire the title of “Nanjing Famous Brand Certificate” in March 2017
      • 2017
        The company has officially listed in the National SME share transfer system since August 23,2017
      • 2017
        Acquire the identification of “Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center” on October 24, 2017
      • 2017
        On December 8, 2017, we signed a technology development agreement with Nanjing Agricultural University to establish “Joint laboratory for antioxidant applied research of MAIDA and NJAU "
      • 2017
        On December 20, 2017, “China petroleum and petrochemical engineering research institute, petrochemical technical equipment professional committee and petrochemical antioxidant application technology center ”were established
      • 2018
        On April 21, 2018, we passed the standard evaluation of management system in the fusion of the industry and information MIIT, became a demonstration unit of the fusion of the industry and information management system standard
      • 2018
        On June 26, 2018, the “food-grade antioxidant BHT” in Jiangsu Maida won the title of “Specialization, Refinement, Characteristic & Novelty product”
      • 2018
        Acquire the identification of “Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Research Technology Center” on September 11, 2018
      • 2019
        Acquired the title of "Specialized,Refinement,Characteristic&Novelty product Little Giant Enterprise" from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
      • 2019
        To declare the BHT champion products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019
      • 2019
        To declare the Jiangsu High-end boutique Certification Enterprises in 2019
      • 2020
        To declare Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovative Practice Base in 2020
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